Contract rules
CP28 Day Contract
1、Dynamic income
Participate in contracts with 1-20 ETH, open 1-10 ETH in the early stage, and automatically detect the rate to open the participation amount according to the ETH price contract. The monthly return is 18.9%, and the full position return is 18.9%.
After 7 days, 10% of the contract principal can be withdrawn;
After 14 days, 20% of the contract principal can be withdrawn;
After 21 days, 60% of the contract principal can be withdrawn;
You can participate in the reinvestment after 28 days;
Participate in the investment once every 24 hours, and the deadline of 21 days of income;
The amount of the reinvestment is greater than or equal to the amount of participation in the contract, and at the same time 18.9% of the contract principal and the remaining principal are transferred to your account in seconds;
1% CP token is automatically deducted as a handling fee for entry and entry (for example, investing 10 ETH to charge 100 CP);
The CP buys from the recommender or the platform. The platform buys CP, and 1ETH is exchanged for 1000CP, starting at 0.1ETH
2、Dynamic income
Promotion 1 person (one star) get 5% of the one-star participation amount
Promotion 2 people (two stars) get one star reward + 3% of the two stars participation amount
Promotion 3 people (Samsung) get two stars reward + 2% of Samsung's participation amount
Promotion 4 people (Venus) get Samsung reward + 1% of Venus participation amount
Promote 5 people (Mars) to get Venus reward + 0.5% of Mars participation amount
Promote 6-20ren (Jupiter) to get Mars reward + 0.1% of Jupiter participation amount